The 3 Keys to Sane, Sustainable Weight Loss

Exerpts from: The 3 Keys to Sane, Sustainable Weight Loss: Diets don’t work for a reason—leave behind the gimmicks and do this instead.

Author: Susan Biali, M.D


Most of us know that diets don’t really work. By “diet,” I mean any special food regime that is designed to help you lose weight as fast as possible—which isn’t sustainable for the long term. The latest evidence-based wisdom in weight loss shows that losing weight quickly, contrary to previous beliefs, is a good strategy for decreasing the health risks associated with obesity and poor eating habits. However, you need to have a realistic strategy in place for the long term or you’ll return to your old habits and possibly gain even more weight when you do.

Here are three key principles that have worked for me and my clients:

1. Stop going to extremes.

2. It’s essential to enjoy what you’re eating.

3. Choose changes that you know you can sustain.

If something doesn’t fit into your life, don’t bother with it. Sure, it’s useful and important to form new habits around food and eating—this process will be part of your journey. But only take on changes that are realistic for you, and that you are capable of doing for a long time.

When you think of trying something new and healthy, like adding a green smoothie to your morning routine, ask yourself these questions: Is it easy to do? Do I enjoy the taste of it? Can I see myself doing it regularly, without too much trouble? If the answers are largely yes, the habit could be the fit you’re looking for.


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