$4000 Reward: Lost Ring

A Member lost her Mother’s Heirloom Diamond Solitaire on Monday, 2-15-2016, around 5:30 at the Louisville Athletic Club in Jtown. This ring is a very sentimental family treasure and the $4000 reward is greater than the cash value of the ring. If found, or if you have information regarding the ring’s whereabouts, please contact: 502-594-0578. Thank you.

From the Owner: “I lost my mother’s engagement ring at LAC in Jeffersontown Monday February 15, 5:30pm or later. Cannot even describe how sick I feel. Praying and begging the person who has this to contact me at (502)594-0578. $4000.00 reward! (Thanks to a friend who will double my original $2000.00) My father passed away from cancer December 2012, then my mother passed from cancer 18 months later. I keep their rings together always! This is absolutely priceless to me!”