Fitness Tips from a Female Perspective

In a world where obesity and unhealthy lifestyles are becoming the norm at an alarming rate, it is becoming a necessity that people learn more about fitness and take advantage of the benefits working-out has to offer. When someone pictures “exercising,” more often than not, they envision long, arduous, and monotonous journeys on a treadmill (while strength training is often overlooked entirely). Incorporating free weights and strength training into your daily routine can help you to see much more satisfying results than the treadmill alone can provide. Unfortunately, many women are too intimidated to even approach the free weight floor.

Women need strong muscles just as much as men need them, maybe even more. Not only does lifting make you feel better physically, but it also boosts your confidence level and your metabolism, which in turn makes it easier to lose weight. Perhaps the reason women are intimidated is because they are just unsure what they should do when it comes to lifting. Let’s clear up a few things:

-YOU WILL NOT BULK. Many women fear free weights will make them “manly” or
“bulky.” Not true! You will gain muscle, strength and definition. Embrace what your body can do!

-AVOID THE SCALE. Instead of focusing on the numbers of the scale going down,
focus on the numbers of your dumbbells going up! Muscle is denser than fat.

-DO NOT BE AFRAID TO LEARN. If you are unsure how to use free weights properly
or how to construct an appropriate routine, ask for help! Nothing is more exciting to a
trainer than someone who is eager for knowledge.

-Brittany Taylor, Trainer

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