LAC: When did you decide to start making your health a priority (what or whom inspired this decision) and what were your goals?

Michael: On April 12, 2015 I had my blood pressure checked and it was 155/122. I knew then that I needed to get my weight and overall health under control. I already had a membership at LAC but had not really been active for a few years. The next day I went back to LAC determined to get on track with my health, not only for myself but for my family.

LAC: How did you get started and what did you do to improve your health?

Michael: Starting out, I was not in good shape at all, so I started just walking on the treadmill. I walked A LOT! On average I would walk about 6 miles at the gym, and in my neighborhood I would walk for another 5 or 6 miles. I began parking as far away from stores and such as I possibly could just to get extra steps in. I also changed my diet, mainly using portion control to keep my calories under 2,200 per day (all while burning about 4,800 – 5,500 calories).

LAC: How did you stay motivated and what was the biggest challenge?

Michael: I use a FitBit, which allows me to compete with my friends. My personality is such that I am very competitive, so that aspect of the FitBit was a great help to me. My biggest challenge has been my feet. I have to wear 3 socks at a time just to keep my feet from getting sore and blistered.

LAC: What positive changes did you see in your life and what did you learn throughout this process?

Michael: Since April of 2015 I have lost a total of 102 pounds, and my blood pressure has returned to a normal range (about 120/80). I have tons more energy, as well as sleeping much better (I no longer snore either). When I lost over 60 pounds, I began running and am now training to run in the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini-marathon in April. Mostly what I learned was to not try and start working out like a well trained athlete. But to swallow my pride and start with what my body could handle and build on that. Now I feel like an athlete.

LAC: Final Thoughts? Is there anything else you would like share about your story?

Michael: It can be done, but it can’t be done overnight. I didn’t get to 283 pounds in a month, and it took time and a lot of hard work to get to 181 pounds. But the time and effort are well worth it, and my weight loss journey has even begun to be an inspiration to some in my family and even my church, as over 20 people from my church have bought a FitBit and begun to lose weight as well. The fitbit was a help, but without LAC, I know for me personally, I would have given up during winter months or inclement weather. Over time, I’ve been encouraged by other LAC members who even began to notice the weight loss. 


**Michael was also one of our My journey prize winners!

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