Jill’s Wish Charity Challenge: Tournament Brackets

Jill’s Wish Charity Challenge: Tournament Brackets

Now that March is almost here and b-ball tourney madness is about to begin, Jill’s Wish has the honor of participating in the Louisville “Brackets for Good” challenge to win $ 10,000 and we really NEED your help.


It is basically the same concept as the NCAA brackets but this is for 64 non-profits in Louisville to compete against each other in a single elimination style format (just like the NCAA).


Here’s how you can help us win the $10k (which by the way would help us support almost 7 women who are battling breast cancer with their living expenses for a month).


Register TONIGHT!

  • Just click on the link below and scroll all the way down to the bottom left of the bracket till you see the Jill’s Wish logo
  • Click on the Jill’s Wish logo
  • Donate anywhere from $3.00 – 10.00
  • If we get more points than our opponent then we advance to the next round next Friday
  • Then share this email with ALL your friends that might want to help support the Jill’s Wish mission.
  • That’s it




Don’t go too crazy and donate too much this 1st round though because we may need to come back to you in rounds 2 thru 7 to do this again.  The non-profit with the most points each week advances  to the next round.  If we win all 7 rounds, we will get the $10k Grand Prize.


Jill will be smiling down as big as ever if we win this thing.  As competitive as she was and the fighter she was, she’d had been on the street corners telling folks to help us out.


So thanks for your consideration and help us ROCK WHAT YOU GOT!!  #RWYG   #JWFBFG   #BFGCHAMPS


In Remembrance of Jill!