My Journey: An Interview with Bikini Competitor and NASM trainer, Marby B.

#002 Marandy Brienzi

LAC: When did you decide to start making your health a priority?
Marby: In 2011 after realizing my lifestyle was unhealthy and destructive.

LAC: What or Whom inspired this decision? What were your goals?
Marby: I inspired myself, but my cousin helped. My goal was to lose weight so I was a cardio bunny. My cousin introduced me to weight lifting and I loved it and saw so many changes!

LAC: How did you get started?
Marby: I started with cardio, added in weight lifting, and then started training for a bodybuilding show in the bikini division.

LAC: What did you do to improve your health? How did you stay motivated?
Marby: I drank more water and started meal prepping. It saved a bunch of time and prevented me from being lazy and getting fast food. I kept myself motivated. Motivation comes from within. You have to REALLY want something.

LAC: What positive changes did you see in your life? What was the biggest challenge?

Marby: I saw changes in my body and health, I hardly ever got sick, I made new friends at the gym and got rid of some bad influences. People started asking me for advice so that inspired me to get my personal training certification from NASM. The mental aspect and lack of knowledge. You have to be strong mentally or you will fail. I went through so many stages until I took control of my education.

LAC: Did you have any friends or family to support you? If so, describe how they impacted your wellness journey? Or, were you on your own?

Marby: My family is very supportive. My friends are also but some have continued down the destructive path so we have parted ways amicably.

LAC: What did you learn throughout this process? What are you doing now to maintain your health?

Marby: That the 1200 calorie diet is awful, that doing 2 hours of cardio per day is awful and restricting carbs is awful. I learned that lifting weight enhances a woman’s curves, not makes us “bulky”. Eating healthy, drinking 1 gal of water each day, getting in 60 min cardio per week, and lifting 6 days a week.

LAC: Final Thoughts? Is there anything else you would like share about your story?

Marby: Most women are afraid to touch a dumbbell heavier than their purse because they think they will end up looking like a man if they lift. That is simply not true. I am really proud to see a lot of women at LAC lifting weights and not being afraid to show up some of the guys. 😉

#002b Marandy Brienzi