LAC Partners with Louisville Dream Center

From LAC: Thank you to everyone who joined last month and helped make this donation possible!
Dream Center 2

Last winter, on the coldest day of the year, with 14 inches of fresh snow on the ground, we made the decision to open the Louisville Dream Center food pantry for those in our community who needed food. The roads where in terrible, terrible shape, schools were closed, and the windchill was well below zero, but we knew if someone did indeed come, it meant they desperately needed food and it was for them, we wanted to be open.

We regularly opened at 5:30pm on Thursdays, and remain open until 6:30pm. That evening at 6:30pm, closing time, no one had came, but we decided to wait another 30 minutes…just in case.

At 6:55pm, across the parking lot came two people, walking in the biting cold, wind and snow. A man and his young daughter entered the Dream Center, thanking us for being open.

He had on a t-shirt, jacket and shoes that had holes in the soles. His daughter had on a lightweight hoodie, t-shirt and chucks. They were freezing and hungry. They had walked miles to get to us, not knowing whether we were open or not, but hungry enough to take the chance.

As we all choked back hot tears, we loaded boxes with food, fitted them with new coats, shoes, boots, and warm clothing, then gave them a ride home, near Rockford and Crums Lane.

All of us who were at the Center that night left with our lives changed, and with a resolve that no matter what it takes, we’re going to do all we can to meet the needs of our community.

It is very expensive. It is very time consuming. It takes many volunteers. It takes our whole community. But it is the heart and directive of God, to our church.

There are days when we have very little food to give and it breaks your heart to see the great need. But God has never once failed us or those who come to us.

With that in mind…

Just a short while ago, I received a phone call from Jake Wardrip; General Manager at the Louisville Athletic Club with news that they want to become a corporate partner with the Louisville Dream Center!

Wow. God. Never. Fails. Us!

During the month of October, LAC is donating 100% of all enrollment fees to the Louisville Dream Center.

It is partnerships like this that enable us to continue to feed families through the coldest months of the year.

I want to encourage you to join us at the gym, and by doing so, you will be helping us feed a well-deserving family in our community.

And we make this promise…our doors will be open when they come.