My Journey: An Interview with Basketball Player, Cory Brown

My Journey: An Interview with Semi-Pro Basketball Player, Cory Brown

MJ Cory Brown

LAC: When did you decide to start making your health a priority (what or whom inspired this decision) and what were your goals?

Cory: Ever since I was 15 years old, I’ve always wanted to be great in something, and basketball was my passion so I had to take the initiative and proper steps to a healthy lifestyle to accomplish my dream. My mother and grandmother (R.I.P.) inspired me to be the best I can be. I definitely did not want to let them down! Through the grace of GOD, I followed my goals into becoming a high level basketball player.


LAC: How did you get started and what did you do to improve your health?

Cory: I got started by eating healthier, working out and training harder, and reverting my mindset to think that “Anything is possible!!!” I increased my training regimen and started eating healthier (increasing my vegetables and meat intake).


LAC: How did you stay motivated and what was the biggest challenge?

Cory: Through my mentors keeping me on track and keeping my faith high, I am able to stay motivated and determined until I got what I deserved! My biggest challenge was the discipline and the negative people coming at me hands down. Had to fight through the obstacles and all the rocks thrown at my throne.


LAC: What positive changes did you see in your life and what did you learn throughout this process?

Cory: Internally and externally I felt extremely better, and it felt like positive energy was just flowing through my veins. A lot of people started following my journey and their changes inspired me even more! I learned that the results do not come over night, and you have to sustain and maintain your results as long as possible. Discipline is the key!


LAC: Did you have any family or friends to support you? If so, describe how they impacted your wellness journey? Or, were you on your own?

Cory: My best friend has always been there for me, because we have the same mentality and we both are driven. We would train together and always talked successful thoughts.


LAC: What are you doing now to maintain your health?

Cory: Right now, I play semi-pro basketball and I am a personal trainer as well. So to stay where I am at, I have to keep continuing my good eating and workout habits, and staying stress free.


LAC: Final Thoughts? Is there anything else you would like share about your story?

Cory: In conclusion, if I can do it, you can too! My motto is (this can pertain to athletes and people as well) “Good players/ people workout but GREAT players/ people outwork!” I    use this motto every day, because I don’t want anything less than I deserve! A healthy lifestyle is the way to go because you feel, look better, more energy, and you can feel like you can conquer the world!!!

Watch Cory’s Pro AM Basketball Highlights Here: