I will send a more personalized letter of gratitude once I’ve compiled everyone’s addresses but I didn’t want to wait too long without crediting those of you who’ve made my life amazing. I had the very great honor of conducting a photoshoot Sunday for our company, The Louisville Athletic Club. We asked members to come forward and share with the world what it means to have a lifestyle where you make health a priority. I met a lot of amazing people, shared a great wealth of laughs, and listened to some inspiring stories. I rediscovered what I already knew… Beauty begins when we appreciate our gifts in life. If we can move, we should move; if we can smile, we should smile; if we can open up and share with others who we are, we should do just that; if we can write pseudo-inspirational internet news posts, we should do that too… It’s a special thing to open oneself up to the world, to step outside the box, to unveil yourself, to be authentic, to be you… My day was filled with authenticity and interesting, original, beautiful people. Thank you for sharing in the experience…it was a joy. (I’m not social media friends with everyone involved so please share with your friends and encourage them to find me).

I appreciate you all. Thank you so much for being you and being fun. If we aren’t already Facebook friends, please friend me today! Let’s inspire the world.

Peace, Strength, and Cheers. -Stephanie Braun VonTrapp

A very special thank you to Erin Trimble and Susan Stuart, the photographers who’ve captured these moments.