Interview with Fitness Instructor, Alyssa Thomas, for the MY JOURNEY Story Series

MJ Thomas

Interview with Fitness Instructor, Alyssa Thomas, for the MY JOURNEY Story Series

LAC: When did you decide to start making your health a priority (what or whom inspired this decision) and what were your goals?

Alyssa: I was getting married in 2013 and decided I wanted to lose weight for my wedding. I signed up for a personal trainer and began to take group fitness classes. My goal was to lose excess fat and tone up with lean muscle.

LAC: How did you get started and what did you do to improve your health?

Alyssa: I signed up for a personal trainer who helped my several times per week with workouts and healthy eating, as well as taking group fitness classes.

LAC: How did you stay motivated and what was the biggest challenge?

Alyssa: Staying motivated BEFORE the wedding was easy – I wanted to look good for my pictures! The challenge was after coming home from the honeymoon! I took about 6 months off and quickly began gaining weight again. So I started back at the LAC with group exercise classes when one of my instructor friends informed me that a new class was coming (PiYo)… I was so excited to hear about it and was taking classes so regularly (always in the front row!) that I was easily convinced to become PiYo certified! Teaching classes is now what keeps me motivated to stay healthy, and inspire others to do the same!

LAC: What positive changes did you see in your life and what did you learn throughout this process?

Alyssa: I noticed my self-esteem sky rocketed when I saw positive changes in my body and health. But what I’ve really taken away from this experience is that I am built differently, but that doesn’t mean I’m not fit. I am now able to love my body and accept my figure for all of its curves! My goal weight is no longer a goal, and I hardly ever step on the scale anymore. For me, the mirror tells me what I need to know. I live my life trying to eat smart and healthy choices and exercise, I no longer obsess over my weight.

LAC: Final Thoughts? Is there anything else you would like share about your story?

Alyssa: I never thought I’d be teaching a fitness class, but I am so happy I signed up to do it! Teaching group fitness allows me to inspire others, listen to their stories, and be a friend to so many people in the gym. LAC truly is a “fitness family” and I am grateful to be a part of it!