Build a Stronger Body with a Stability Ball!


Build a Stronger Body with a Stability Ball!

In most cases, how you perform your exercises is just as important as what exercises you do. Depending on what fitness tool you use, how you use gravity, and how you challenge yourself, your results will be very different.

Swiss ball is one great example of how adding one simple fitness tool can add challenge and effectiveness to your typical exercise by 38%.

According to Chapman University’s study Electromyographic Comparison of a Stability Ball Crunch with a Traditional Crunch, when crunch is performed on a Swiss ball, it activates the lower rectus abdominal (lower abs) 38% more than the regular floor crunch.

Swiss ball crunch also engages the upper abs (upper rectus abdominal) and external obliques (sides of your abs) 31% and 24% more than the regular crunch.

These results are astonishing but not rare any means.

You can see similar positive results in many typical, traditional exercises done with or on a Swiss ball.

We’ll look at more case studies later on, but before getting into more details of the effectiveness, let’s go over what Swiss ball really is and how it adds value to your workout routines.