LACSTRONG/ J-Town Barbell Club: Jeffersontown

ALL-ACCESS LAC STRONG MEMBERSHIP: Full Access to private gym (6000 sf) and equipment is $30/month. Members receive discounted LAC membership of $19.99/month. Total Cost: $49.99 monthly

J-town Barbell Club & LAC STRONG HIIT MEMBERSHIP: Includes full access to private LAC STRONG gym and all classes for ONLY $69.99 month. J-town Barbell and LAC STRONG HIIT Members receive discounted LAC membership OF $19.99/month. Total Cost: $89.98 monthly

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Single session workouts are $15 each for drop-ins.

HOW DO I GET STARTED? Talk to our Membership Director and Assistant General Manager, Kelly Tate. You and a friend can try your first class FREE! Contact: 502-753-0999

LAC STRONG HIIT Coaches: Kate Chawansky & Brad Clark

USAW BARBELL Coach: Brad Clark

WHAT ARE BARBELL CLUB CLASSES? Olympic Lifting conditioning sessions designed to build power & strength and serve as an overall preparation for USAW meets. Personalized instruction will address the biomechanics of the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Participants will be coached individually to prepare them to perform with confidence and to advance them at a pace specific to their own experience and skill level. NO PRIOR LIFTING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

WHAT ARE LACSTRONG HIIT CLASSES?  Rotating High Intensity Interval Training workouts. These may have as few as three or up to twenty  participants. NO PRIOR LIFTING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

Classes are tailored to the individual participants, from the novice to  advanced.

LACSTRONG HIIT Level I: Fitness : Introductory class to show you foundational lifting movements and exercises. Designed for beginners, these classes help establish a baseline for fitness but  can also challenging to everyone. We recommend attending fitness classes 2-3x/week .

LACSTRONG HIIT Level II: Performance: New workouts each class! Designed for all levels of physical fitness, everyone can benefit from these. This style of training is recommended to improve overall body performance and conditioning. All ages, all skill levels, all fitness levels are welcome. We recommend attending performance classes a minimum of 2x/week.

LACSTRONG HIIT Level III: Competition: Intermediate class designed for those who enjoy a challenge and want to take their fitness and overall performance to the next level. This class will transform your shape, strength, and flexibility. Experience elite fitness like never before! All workouts are scalable and designed to help you improve at your own pace! Available in private sessions also or by request of the class. Never quit improving!

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Why choose Functional Training?

    • Compound functional movements activate more than one muscle group at the same time, therefore, they are perfect for building strength, power, and mobility.
    • Because functional training movements are also low-impact, they are an ideal training type for beginners.
    • Functional Training increases coordination, balance, posture, and flexibility and as a result, daily activities will become easier.
    • Functional Training reduces joint pain and the risk of injury and improves the overall function of your body.
    • As a result, you build strength and endurance and teach your body to function optimally. 

Contact: 502-773-099

9565 Taylorsville Rd
Louisville, KY40299
(502) 753-0999


LACSTRONG Barbell Club: 927 Clarksville


951 E Lewis & Clark Pkwy
Clarksville, IN47129
(812) 284-4900

ROGUE Barbell Club Members have access to WODs and Olympic Lifting sessions. Members build power & strength and to prepare for competitions or meets. Professionals teach the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Participants advance at a pace specific to their own experience and skill level because workouts are tailored to the individual.  Members may be novice or advanced.