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FREE  Tanning is available for all members 18 years of age or older! Enjoy either our stand-up or lay down beds when relaxing after a workout. Enhance your golden glow with some of our designer tanning lotion.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Protective eyewear required.
  • Signed release required.


By: Shawn Smith

Overexposure to UV light can cause great damage to your eyes if not protected,and believe it or not, just closing your eyes is not enough.

Here are five facts about using eye protection in a tanning bed, that you must read.

  1. Your eyes can get sun burnt! Tanning with no eye protection can cause red, itchy or watery eyes. These symptoms are all indications of short-term eye damage.
  1. You can damage your eyes in just one tanning session! Even just one tanning session, without protecting your eyes, can be enough exposure to cause you short-term eye damage.
  1. Two common forms of sunburned eyes
  • Photokeratitis (a temporary corneal burn which causes tearing, pain and blurring for several days).
  • Basal Cell Carcinoma (delicate eye tissue becomes damaged causing swelling and redness in and around the eye)
  1. Closing your eyes is not protecting them! Your eyelids naturally block less than 25% of harmful UV rays from your eyes, and this will not protect you well enough.
  1. You may also be at risk from eye disease. Sharing eye protection is one of the main ways that eye infections such as conjunctivitis are spread. Eye protection that isn’t disposable is less hygienic and runs the risk of becoming contaminated. Repeated exposure to UV light without eye protection can also cause long-term and even permanent eye problems.

Wearing eye protection when you tan is one of the most important indoor tanning tips that there are. I hope this article convinces some of you to cover up those eyes. I know that when we’re young we don’t feel like we need to worry about things like this, but believe me, in a few short years you’ll be wishing you had done a few things differently, don’t make wearing eye protection while tanning one of them. [Original Article Found HERE].