Group Fitness

Participating in fitness classes at Louisville Athletic Club is one of the best ways to maximize your health results while also having fun! Come try a group exercise class today. We offer exciting and effective group workouts for all activity levels.  Some benefits of trying these are increased motivation, structure, learning proper form, variety, accountability, and meeting new people. Come check out some of the best classes in the country taught by nationally certified instructors.  We are excited to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Group Fitness Class Schedule

Click below to print a copy of class schedule:

Note to Beginners: If you are new to a class, feel free to come by early and introduce yourself to the instructor. We want you to feel welcome and we want to get to know our members. If you are unsure of learning a new routine, don’t be. We are here to get moving and to get those muscles and hearts pumping. Everything feels more natural with practice. Also, if you have any injuries, even if they are healed, let the instructor know. We will offer modifications to all exercises to ensure you are able to fully participate and enjoy each session. For yoga classes, bring a sticky mat or yoga blanket. For all group fitness classes bring a water and towel. Do not forget to eat before exercising! Your body needs that fuel for energy. Lastly, we recommend you consult your physician before starting any physical fitness program.