Krav Maga (Self-Defense Class)

Krav Maga: Israeli Hand-to-Hand Combat (Self-Defense Class)

Krav Maga (pronounced “krahv mahGAH”) is an effective, modern, and dynamic self-defense and fighting system. It is designed to be practical and intuitive for people of any age, shape, or size. The techniques expand on your natural instincts to develop skills quickly and effectively, while enabling you to address attacks under any scenario. You will learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones, while gaining increased awareness and instinctive reflexes.

Classes are held at the Jeffersontown Location by the Louisville Krav Maga Academy.

Krav Maga (Self Defense Class – 1 week free)

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Instructor Jeff: 502-345-9563

Facebook: Louisville Krav Maga Academy