Personal Training

Personal Training can benefit everyone! We have Certified Personal Trainers available to help you develop a healthier lifestyle. Commit to better habits, safely learn and practice the most effective exercise techniques to meet your goals, and to take your fitness to the next level!

Interested in personalized advice or have a specific question about personal training?  Complete the form HERE for more information. We are here to help you make fitness a habit for a lifetime. You can achieve your healthiest and happiest lifestyle.

  • Certified & Experienced Personal Trainers
  • Specialized Instruction for all ages
  • Results Driven Programming
  • LAC: your ultimate workout partner!: We succeed when you succeed!
  • CPR Certified First Responders
  • Sports Specific training
  • Injury prevention
  • Recovery and rehabilitation workouts available

A Few Benefits of Training with a Certified Personal Trainer are:

  • Improved Personal Motivation
  • Consistent Workouts
  • Achievable Goal Setting
  • Improved Self-Confidence
  • Fitness-related Injury Prevention
  • Sport-Specific Instruction
  • Improved Longevity and Quality of Life
  • Proper Management of Medical Conditions
  • Enjoyable Partnership and Accountability with a Health Professional
  • Health Information Clarity
  • Reliable Resources and Access to Specialists

“A healthy sweat comes from being passionate and throwing yourself into your workout. And again, it’s achieving that intensity. I always like to say ‘It’s not how long, it’s how strong.” -Jackie Warner, Best-Selling Author & Internationally Recognized Personal Trainer

Interested in starting a new career by becoming a Personal Trainer for the Louisville Athletic Club,  joining our team,  or working as an Independent Contractor at one of our clubs? Click HERE for more information.